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Bands Gothic & Industrial Groups from
in and around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
Also other Goth/Industrial bands
from throughout Texas.


Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex Gothic / Industrial Bands:

  BANDS Webpages Contact Addresses
TIAMP Kollective Apparatus n/a n/a
TIAMP Kollective Audio Paradox n/a
  Beyond Hope website
TIAMP Kollective Brainscrape n/a n/a
  Bunker Soldier
  The Charnel House
TIAMP Kollective Cyberwhore n/a
  Destination Venus
TIAMP Kollective Drone
TIAMP Kollective Famine
  Fektion Fekler n/a
TIAMP Kollective Hard Sector Error n/a
  Jessica's Crime
  Jihad n/a
  LiveBoy/DeadGirl n/a
TIAMP Kollective Lollipop Guild n/a
  neoMessiah n/a
TIAMP Kollective Notify 9x9 n/a n/a
TIAMP Kollective October Karnival n/a n/a
TIAMP Kollective Of One Mind
  Our Tragic Hours
  Psalm 69 n/a
TIAMP Kollective Push n/a n/a
  Project Eleven
TIAMP Kollective Room 13 n/a n/a
  Shadow Cafe n/a
TIAMP Kollective Skarlett Fever
  Soil & Eclipse
TIAMP Kollective Solemn Assembly n/a n/a
TIAMP Kollective Species n/a
TIAMP Kollective Syphon Experience n/a n/a
TIAMP Kollective Vampire Cathedral n/a n/a
T.I.A.M.P. Kollective

Member bands
designated by icon:

TIAMP Kollective

Cooperative group of
Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex area
Goth/Industrial bands who have
come together to gain a greater
voice in promotions and venue
performance opportunities.

* Newly released compilation CD!!
Click here for details or contact
a Kollective Member Band.


Other Texas Gothic & Industrial Groups:

BANDS Webpages Contact Addresses
Autumn Rest
Bryan/College Station
Berlin Black n/a 16419 Ledge Trail
San Antonio, Tx 78232
Downfall Funeral
8702 Puerto Vallarta
Laredo, TX 78045
Numeralia n/a
Austin, Tx
Sinister Sirens
Houston, Tx
Spyglass Blue n/a n/a
Bryan/College Station
Veil of Veronica
(possibly defunct)
n/a n/a
Bryan, Texas
Terminal 46
(formerly known
as Auschwitz 46)

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