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Your Guide To Black Humor...
  Bob's Garden of Gothly Delights
Includes Goth Pick-Up lines, Goth Break-Up Lines, Problems Only Goths Have, Alice's Adventures in Floodland (satire on Alice's Adventures In Wonderland), Goth Wars (satire on Star Wars), the Horror Movie Character's Survival Guide, and more!
  Campus Crusade For Cthulhu
  Check Your Biorythms
  Cthulhu For President
  A Cthulhu Hymnal
  Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz synchronicity sites:
.....Pink Floyd's music falls in line with the Wizard's film weirdly...
  Find A Grave
Find famous gravesites and cemetaries worldwide.
  Gothic Art Parody Contest
  The Goth Code Home Page
the code sequences used by net.goths to identify what species of goth they are
  The Goth Test
  Thee Gothic Image comic strip
  Gothic Martha Stewart - decor for goths
  Gothic Reality Check of the Week
includes the popular "how to be goth" section, the "galleria du goth", and the "angst-o-matic"
  Hand Motions For Dancing The Temple of Love
  The Happy Goth song
Performed by The Shisters
  Hello Cthulhu!
  The Hot Weather Goth
  Jesus Was Gother Than You
  Monty Python's Recently Discovered Goth Sketch
  Past Life Game
Check out what you were in a past life
  The Morbid Fact du Jour
  Stick Figure Death Theatre
  Take a Bite
the net.goth handbook including the Goth Test, fashion tips,
makeup, how to gothdance, and literature.
this one WANTS to die!
  Tina, The Troubled Teen
Cartoon for your website!
  Types of Goths
  Winnie the Goth


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