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Your Guide To Nightclubs...
Listings According To City:
  Austin, Texas
The Backroom
  Boston, Massachussets
  Brooklyn, New York
Sanctuary Lounge
  Cleveland, Ohio
The Chamber
  Dallas, Texas
The Lizard Lounge - Goth/Industrial night on Thursdays & Sundays (the P.T.L. and the Church, respectively.
  Denver, Colorado
The Black Hole at Millenium
  El Paso, Texas
Club Dedo
  Fremont, California
The Crypt
  Glasgow, Ireland
Bedlam goth/industrial event night
  Houston, Texas
Numbers - Goth/Industrial night Sundays.
Abyss - Goth/Industrial nights on Thursdays.
  London, England
The Slimelight - one of the most famous gothclub in the world!
  Los Angeles, California
Kontrol Faktory
  Madison, Wisconsin
DMF at the University of Wisconsin
  New York City, New York
Resurrection at Mantra
  Rome, Italy
Velvet Club
  San Antonio, Texas
The Cameo
  San Diego, California
Room 13
  San Francisco, California
Death Guild at the Trocadero
  San Jose, California
Backlash at the Cactus Club
Devolve at the Cactus Club
  Seattle - Tacoma
  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Sanctuary
  U.K. Club Guide
  Washington, D.C.
Roxy Resurrection at Club Ozone


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