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Submit sites to for inclusion in the Dark Directories, and you can be entered in a drawing for a chance to win some compelling gifts for each site you submit which we accept for The drawing will be held at the end of May, 1999.

Rules for the Great Site Submission Contest ~

  1. Enter sites of high quality. You know what we mean. Good graphics, good content on the site submitted. Low-quality sites will not be included and will not give you an entry for the prize drawing.
  2. Submit only sites which would fit in well with our themes: gothic, industrial, darkwave, black humor, horror-related. If you don't know what we're all about, please take a few moments to browse through our directories to familiarize yourself. Example: Are we missing a band we should have in our Music section? Submit to us their official website, or a high-quality fan page dedicated to them.
  3. Pornographic sites are excluded from
  4. Enter only sites not already contained in If you repeatedly submit sites we already have, we may disqualify you entirely.
  5. Please fill out the submission form below carefully, correctly, and as completely as possible. Use good grammar and punctuation in site descriptions.
  6. If you submit a site which we decline to include, that entry will not be entered into the prize drawing. You might enter a few good sites to be certain you will be included in the contest, in case one of your submitted sites is declined.
  7. Individuals may enter as many times as is reasonable for increased chances of winning. reserves the right to decide "what is reasonable". Basically, if you write a program to automatically submit dozens of sites, we will exclude your entries. Likewise, do not spam us with hundreds of low-quality sites, or sites which are only marginally appropriate to the directories and you will be fine.
  8. You will receive an email note for each site that you submit which gets accepted. This may take a few days from the date of submission.
  9. You are only eligible to win one prize. In the event that that there are more prizes than entrants, the prizes will be divided up among the winners by the contest judges.
  10. Only inhabitants of the 50 United States of America are eligible to enter the contest.
  11. will not be held responsible for any possible technical problems which could prevent entries from being accepted by our system, nor will we be held liable for any possible data loss on the part of our automated contest submission system.
  12. All decisions made by are final and binding.

To enter contest, please give us a little personal info about yourself. By entering this contest, you agree to abide by our contest rules and policies listed above.

If you wish to submit a site to, but do not wish to enter the contest, skip this first section and fill out only the Site Submission Form below.

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